Can the gift cards work with Wix commerce/restaurant?

Yes and no... We don't have an automatic integration with Wix, but we do have a way to get Gift Up! and Wix to work together. 

Wix is a very closed and simple system, they simply have no way for us to access the shopping cart to apply a discount or a gift card to it, in fact, Wix has rejected our app request 3 times, so we've given up. We wish it was different, but alas, it is not. 

We think we have a great app that would be super useful for Wix customers, and it's a shame they will not let us have access to their APIs, especially as their own app does not work with their own online shopping cart solution! 

Reviews of their own Gift Card app are stunningly poor, and we'd love to solve their problem for them - take a look:

Update Apr 2020: Wix has finally retired their own Gift Card app as it was really poorly rated. We are applying for entry into their app store once more.

How to accept Gift Up! gift cards in your Wix shopping cart

We have a proven, workable method that you can employ right now to accept our gift cards in your Wix store.

Guide: How to redeem gift cards in an unsupported system

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