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Getting paid

How do customers pay and when do you get paid?

23 articles

Our fees

Learn about our fees, our plans and how we get paid

7 articles

Installing the checkout

How to install our checkout in your website, Facebook etc...

7 articles

Redeeming gift cards

Learn how to accept, validate & redeem gift cards in your business

10 articles

Delivery of gift cards

How to configure your gift card delivery options

16 articles

Gift card settings

Configure your gift card code format, to expire etc...

12 articles

Checkout & email settings

Configure your checkout & emails to be perfect for your brand

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Integrate Gift Up! with the other software you use to run your business

32 articles

Promotions & discounts

Give away discounts, free / complimentary gift cards etc...

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The reports and data we expose

6 articles

Account access & data

Manage who has access to your Gift Up! account and how to get data in and out.

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Checkout API

Customize your checkout experience via our data-driven HTML API

5 articles

Rest API

Integrate your custom platform with Gift Up! via our RESTful API

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Partnering with us

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Terms of service, acceptable use and privacy policies

7 articles


All the necessary statements around GDPR, PCI compliance etc...

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