Specifying expiry dates on gift cards

By allowing your gift cards to expire you will encourage your customers to use the gift cards in a timely fashion.

With Gift Up! you can choose between:

  • Never expiring (the default)
  • Expiring within a set number of months after-sale
  • Expiring on a specific date (only applicable on an item)

Rules around expiry dates and usage

In certain territories, there are rules governing expiry settings. It is worth understanding the rules before choosing a policy that fits your business and is in adherence with your local rules. 

US merchants: Credit CARD Act Requirements for Gift Certificates, Store Gift Cards, and General-Use Prepaid Cards
Canadian merchants: Prepaid purchase card legislation
European Union merchants: Consumer Protection (Gift Vouchers) Act 2019
UK merchants: What are my rights with gift vouchers and cards?
Australian merchants:  Treasury Laws Amendment (Gift Cards) Act 2018

Changing the account default expiry

You can change the default on the gift card settings page:

Overriding the default for a particular item

Be default all gift cards sold will use the account default expiry setting above. If you have a particular item you sell (like a one-off special) and you want to impose a different expiry option for that item only, you can do so by editing the item and overriding your account default expiry setting:

Editing expiry dates on sold gift cards

You are also able to edit individual gift cards that have been sold to modify their specific expiry dates, for example, to extend a date:

Note to our USA customers

We recommend not setting an expiry date due to federal law. Also, in some states, it is required that you display an "issued on" date. We have that option also:

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