How to create and upload a gift card artwork

You can upload gift card artwork that applies to all the items you sell, and we'll show this uploaded artwork when a customer visits your checkout. You can also upload overriding artwork on a per-item basis as well.

Changing artwork

You can change the artwork you upload to Gift Up as often as you like, and it will not affect old gift card sales as we store the artwork with the gift card at the time of sale, this means that if you want to upload seasonal gift card artwork, you can without fear that it affects previous gift card orders. 

How to add your account default gift card artwork

Head over to to upload your account default artwork. This will apply to all future gift cards you sell and is what gets shown in your checkout. Any existing gift cards that were bought prior to this, will use the artwork standard at the time of sale. You can even upload multiple designs, so your customers can choose their artwork during checkout. 

How to upload specific artwork for a particular item

Sometimes you want to provide unique artwork for the item(s) you sell. To do this, head over to the item you want to upload specific artwork for, edit it and upload it. Then, when your customers select this item in your checkout, they will see the artwork change in real-time and it will be used in the gift card they ultimately purchase. 

Uploading artwork to a group of items

This is not possible in Gift Up! Instead, you have to upload the artwork to all the items in your group.

Uploading more artwork, so customers get a choice

You can keep uploading/designing alternative artwork in and your customers will then get to choose from that list of artwork. 

Our gift card design requirements

We require a specific format for your gift card artwork:

  • Format: PNG, GIF or JPG
  • Minimum size: 576 pixels wide by 384 pixels high. You can, and should, provide a higher resolution than this (i.e. 1152px x 768px) so that the gift card presents well on high resolution smartphones.

We highly recommend using Canva to design your gift cards. They have a huge template library for gift cards, and we accept the exact size that Canva produces for their gift cards.

Known 'gotcha' when uploading artwork

On the Gift Up checkout, we make a decision as to what to show your customers based on your account setup. However, there is a scenario where we'll do something different: 

1) You'll upload a choice of artwork in your default account artwork settings. By itself, this is fine, we'll show that choice to your customers.

2) You then upload some item specific artwork to one of your items (let's say you have a few items for sale). Again, all good, we'll still show the artwork choice to your customers as they've not yet selected which item to buy, and it's possible that they'll choose an item that does not have specific artwork. 

3) You then upload item specific artwork to all of your items. At this point we'll no longer show an artwork choice as every single item in your items for sale has specific artwork, meaning any item they choose to buy will have pre-determined artwork, as uploaded by you. 

The artwork we show by default on your checkout will either be your item specific artwork (if they are all the same artwork), or we'll choose your account default artwork (but only the first one, if you have a selection uploaded). 

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