Exporting your gift card data

At any time you can export all your gift cards, with their initial and current state in a comma-separated file (CSV). You can also separately export a full list of transactions against your gift cards.

This way you can analyze the gift cards you've sold or move to another provider instead of using Gift Up!

How to export your gift cards

Head over to https://giftup.app/orders and at the bottom of the page there's a button to export your gift cards:

When you do that you'll get a file downloaded that contains the following information:

  • Status
  • Placed
  • Code
  • Description
  • InitialCredit
  • RemainingCredit
  • Message
  • Purchaser
  • PurchaserEmail
  • Recipient
  • RecipientEmail
  • SendTo
  • FulfilledOn
  • FulfilledBy
  • ScheduledFor
  • CancelledOn
  • Expires
  • RedeemedOn
  • CompleteAddress
  • AddressTo
  • Address1
  • Address2
  • City
  • State
  • PostalCode
  • CountryCode
  • GiftCardRevenue
  • OrderTip
  • OrderServiceFee
  • OrderShippingFee
  • OrderDiscount
  • OrderRevenue
  • OrderId
  • Currency

We include all the basic information like who bought the gift card, and who who it was for, as well as the initial value and the remaining balance. 

Be warned: we also include some order metrics, like the Order Revenue and an order can contain multiple gift cards, so things like OrderId, OrderRevenue etc... will be duplicated per gift card contained in that order.

How to export a list of transactions against your gift cards

If you want a detailed breakdown of all financial transactions in your Gift Up! account, you can download a comma-separated file (CSV) of it easily. Just head over to https://giftup.app/reports, select the date range you're interested in and click "Export Transactions":

You'll get a CSV file that represents the table above it. Specifically, we'll export: 

  • LoggedOn
  • EventOccuredOn
  • Event
  • GiftCardCode
  • StaffName
  • StaffEmail
  • Value
  • GiftCardRevenue
  • ServiceFee
  • Tip
  • Discount
  • ShippingFee
  • TotalRevenue
  • GiftUpFee
  • Currency
  • OrderId

This is great if you need to do things like work out the total sum of redemptions against a user/location in a specific time period.

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