Specifying terms & conditions on gift cards

You'll probably want to inform your customers of any special terms you want to apply to your gift cards and you can do this in one of two ways

  1. To all gift cards you sell going forward OR
  2. To only a particular item you sell

Specifying terms & conditions to all gift cards

Head over to https://giftup.app/settings/gift-cards and go to the section labelled "Terms & conditions". You can then enter any information you like. We accept HTML here if you need a bit more control over the layout of the text. 

How it looks on the gift card:

Specifying terms for just one item you sell

If you have some special terms you want to apply to a particular item you sell (perhaps a time-limited offer, or only certain days that it can be used etc...), then you'll want to add some extra terms to apply to that item. These are in addition to your general terms specified above.

Just edit into the item you sell that you want to apply some extra terms to and go to the section labelled "Additional terms" and enter some additional terms & conditions. Again, we support HTML if you need extra formatting control. 

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