Can gift card buyers buy gift cards for multiple recipients/items in one order?

No. This is because we've designed the checkout experience to be as optimised as possible for the benefit of 99% of your orders, where a single gift card is bought for a single recipient. We've done the analysis over hundreds of thousands of orders in Gift Up! and the pattern is a consistent one; the overwhelming majority of orders are for a single gift card to a single recipient. 

Of course, your customers usually find a way to achieve this themselves, namely by doing either:

  • Placing multiple orders, buying one gift card at a time and having us email it directly to the recipient (what most customers do), or...
  • Placing an order for multiple gift cards and getting us to email the gift cards as a batch to the purchaser, whereby they then download a single ZIP file with multiple PDF/Image versions of each gift card. There are links to download the gift cards on both the checkout "thank you" screen and in the receipt email. 

Alternatively, if your customers do place an order for many gift cards and need your assistance in getting the individual gift cards sent to them, you can download the gift card order as separate gift cards from your dashboard:

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