Events fired by our checkout

When you install our drop-in checkout on your website somewhere, you copy and paste 2 lines of HTML code, one is a SCRIPT tag and one is a DIV tag (which instructs the SCRIPT tag where to install your drop-in checkout).

There are 4 events we will fire that you can hook into should you wish:

  1. load event, which happens once the drop-in checkout has loaded completely
  2. resize event, which happens whenever our drop-in checkout auto-resizes it's height
  3. page event, which happens whenever a page change happens in our drop-in checkout
  4. conversion event, which happens whenever a gift card is ordered via your checkout

Attaching to an event

To attach to an event simply call the following code: (e.g. the load event)

giftup("load", function (payload) { 
    // Fire your event here... 

The resize and conversion events are provider a single payload parameter. For more information on conversion tracking, please read our separate guide.

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