What happens if a customer enters a wrong email address (or name etc...)?

Occasionally customers make a mistake on the delivery email address for the gift card, sometimes they make a mistake with the scheduled date/time for the email. Both of these can be fixed. 

How to change the purchaser or recipient's email address on a gift card

To resend the gift card email, just find the order on your dashboard and view it. You'll then be able to edit the gift card:

If the email was originally scheduled to be sent on a specific date/time, you will need to cancel the scheduled email and re-schedule it to the newly updated email address (see below).

What happens if a gift card has been sent to the wrong email address?

We have very strong ties to email providers and they tell us whenever an email did not get delivered or gets marked as spam by the recipient. If the email does not get delivered, we send you an email notification according to your email notification settings

And the email looks like this: 

How to send a gift card email to the correct email address

To resend the gift card email, just find the order on your dashboard and view it. You'll be presented with an option to send by email:

Once you've done that you will be able to choose which gift card to resend (if there are multiple gift cards in the order) and crucially, who to send the gift card to:

How to change an email's scheduled send date & time

Occasionally a customer selects the wrong email send date/time. You just need to cancel and reschedule the email for the correct date & time.

1) Click the "cancel email" link:

2) Click "send by email" where you will be able to choose which email address, which gift card(s) and when to schedule the email for:

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