Issuing a gift card instead of issuing a refund in Eventbrite

Before you start

You will need to review your refund policy settings in your Eventbrite to ensure that you are not issuing refunds automatically. 

Read the Eventbrite guide on how to do this:

How to issue a gift card instead of a refund

If you have a batch of refunds to do, we can do that for you via a spreadsheet import, please get in touch to discuss. Otherwise, please follow the guide below for how to issue a single gift card instead of a refund.

1) Head over to and click "Create a gift card".

2) You'll be presented with this form:

3) We recommend entering the Eventbrite order number in the order lookup tool provided:

4) After you've done these steps, we'll pre-populate all the details in the gift card for you and you can review this and click "Create gift card".

5) Once this is done we'll take you to the gift card detail page where you can see the gift card we just created and sent to your customer. This gift card is immediately synced to your Eventbrite account and can be used against any ticket purchase immediately. You can learn more about how our integration with Eventbrite works here:

How to buy a ticket in Eventbrite using a gift card

We sync gift cards as discount coupons/promo code in your Eventbrite account, so your customers can use them as a discount coupon, so you can instruct them to enter the gift card code in the "Promo Code" field when buying a coupon. You can do this either by adding this instruction to your " Standard terms & conditions" or you can add these instructions in the email we send to your customers.

They act as a gift card, i.e. they can be used multiple times until the balance is fully deleted, we handle that all automatically and it's fully explained in our regular Eventbrite help article

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