Agency style billing

As a platform we offer 2 billing models to our partners:

  1. Have your clients take responsibility for their own bills (and you will get a revenue share as per our usual partner program terms)
  2. Take full responsibility for the billing of your clients, so you are responsible for our fees and you can bill your clients based on their usage.

Of course, you can opt for a mixture of the above 2 options, so some clients can be responsible for their own Gift Up! fees and you can be responsible for some of your client's Gift Up! fees.

Clients take responsibility for their own bills

This is our normal out of the box experience. The only thing we recommend is that you make sure that you either transfer ownership of the Gift Up! account to the admin responsible for billing, or at the very least, ensure that the billing contact is the correct person on our billing page. This way we'll email them directly, not you, to pay any invoices that are generated.

Taking responsibility for your client's bills

If you wish to cover our fees on behalf of your clients, please ensure that you are the main billing contact on the account on our billing page

If you have multiple Gift Up! accounts you have access to, you can consolidate your several subscriptions into a single subscription & monthly invoice. Contact us to ensure that those accounts are covered by a single subscription. That way, you'll only get 1 bill for all of your client's fees, not one bill per account.

If you do decide to consolidate your client's accounts into a single subscription, you can benefit from a volume discount by buying one of our revenue packs. Our revenue packs offer generous discounts of up to 45% and are available to buy on the billing page. There are no special prices for agencies per se, just the regular revenue packs available to all. The main difference is that you can benefit from your total client's sales volume to get a discount with us. 

If you wish to bill your clients for our fees, you can contact us to hide any fee & billing-related pages from their account and leave them accessible only in your main agency account. 

Please note that you are unable to participate in a revenue share partner model if you are covering your client's bills. You can either have them responsible for their own bills and earn a revenue share or cover their bills and not. But you cannot do both. 

How to bill your clients for their usage

If you do decide to cover our fees on behalf of your clients, you will likely want to bill them for their usage, perhaps at a higher rate. You will have to calculate their fees based on their usage by looking at your client's usage in each account using our comprehensive reports pages. 

Our logo

We do not offer a full white-label solution and our logo appears on your client's checkout and in the emails that customers receive. You can pay to remove our branding from the checkout and emails. A shared plan amongst your accounts does not include the removal of our logo as it normally would if a single clients purchases a plan so you will need to buy our ad-free add-on for each account. If you have more than 5 clients which you wish to remove our branding for, we can offer a volume discount. 

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