Managing your client's accounts easily

With Gift Up! you can have a single login that has access to one or more Gift Up! accounts. It's perfect for managing multiple client's accounts without sharing login credentials. When you log in you'll get the choice of what account you'd like to manage:

Any given Gift Up! account is a complete data silo in its own right, meaning the gift cards, settings and users are all unique to that account. 

This model of separating out users/logins to Gift Up! accounts has the following benefits: 

  1. You can create extra Gift Up! accounts easily without having to create a new login. 
  2. You can invite other users to a Gift Up! account and give them one of 2 permission levels: 
    1. Full dashboard access, like you, or...
    2. Only redeem access (via our redeem app)
  3. You can transfer ownership & billing responsibility of a Gift Up! account to another account administrator once the account is set up.

For example, you can have full dashboard access to 10 of your client's account and then:

  1. Invite the manager of each of your client's to co-administrator their Gift Up! account
  2. Invite your client's staff so they can only redeem gift cards for that particular Gift Up! account.

How to create an extra account using your existing login

Log in to Gift Up! then click your name in the bottom left menu and click "Create another account":

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