Limiting the number of time a customer can buy a gift card

There are various contexts when trying to limit customers from buying 'too many' of a particular gift card. 

Note: There is no safe way to limit the number of times any given customer can place an order. So even if you utilize the settings below, a creative customer can simply place multiple orders to overcome any of the limitations below. This is because if we offered the ability to cap an item or promotion per customer, we would store the email address of the purchaser and it is too easy to overcome this limitation if you were creative anyway, by using a different email address. And we feel that this would give you a false sense of security as a business. 

Capping the quantity of an item that can be purchased in a single order

You can edit any item for sale so that it is limited to a maximum quantity in any given order by editing into your item(s) and setting the field "Per order limit" and anything greater than 0.

This has the effect of capping the amount they can buy during checkout:

Limiting the number of times a promotion can be triggered

If you are running a promotion and want to limit the total number of executions of that promotion (i.e. "Limited to the first 100 customers" type of thing), then edit your promotion and change the setting below:

Whenever this promotion is triggered to give something away, we increment the number of usages by 1. Once it reaches this limit, we end the promotion automatically. You can increase this threshold should you wish to extend the promotion. 

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