Applying sales taxes

By default, Gift Up! is configured to not collect or charge sales taxes. However, if you need to, you can add additional inclusive or exclusive sales taxes in

Specifying inclusive sales taxes

Sometimes it's important to charge a price for a gift card and itemize the sales tax in the receipt and during checkout, so the purchaser knows sales tax is included in the price. 

When configuring the sales tax, you can give it a name (i.e. VAT, GST etc...) and a rate. You can also decide what order elements should be included in the calculation. By default, item prices only constitute sales tax computations, but you can opt to include any shipping costs in the calculation. 

The example below adds an inclusive 19% VAT to the order total value:

It then appears like this during checkout and in the order receipt:

Collecting sales taxes

If you need to charge and collect sales taxes you can do so. You can specify either a fixed tax, or a percentage one, or a mixture of both. 

In the example below we are adding a 15% tax called "Sales tax" to all purchases: 

It then appears like this during checkout and in the order receipt:

Applying multiple sales taxes

You can apply multiple sales taxes, and all will appear separately when itemized on the receipt. 

For example, you could collect a fixed "Amusement tax" and "Sales tax":

Targetting sales taxes to specific items

Sales taxes can be applied to all items, no items (e.g. only shipping, tips and/or service fees), or selected items, as required:

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