Authorize.Net payments

If you have an Authorize.Net account, you can connect it to Gift Up and we will take payments online using your Authorize.Net account.

You get paid for every sale in full straight away to your Authorize.Net account, which will then be automatically paid out to your nominated bank account to your usual Authorize.Net payout schedule. 

How to connect your Authorize.Net account to Gift Up!

1) Log in to your Gift Up dashboard, browse to and click "Connect Authorize.Net"

2) You'll then need to provide us with 3 pieces of information from your Authorize.Net management interface:

3) Providing us with the Public client key

  • Log into the Merchant Interface at
  • Click Settings from the main toolbar.
  • Click Manage Public Client Key in Settings
  • Copy the Client Key into Gift Up!

4) Providing us with the Transaction key

  • Log into the Merchant Interface at
  • Click Settings from the main toolbar.
  • Click API Credentials & Keys in Settings
  • Click Obtain a new Transaction Key
  • Copy the Transaction Key into Gift Up!

5) Providing us with the App login ID

  • Log into the Merchant Interface at
  • Click Settings from the main toolbar.
  • Click API Credentials & Keys in Settings
  • Copy the App Login ID into Gift Up!

6) Back to Gift Up you should have something like this:

7) Click "Connect Authorize.Net" and you'll have connected your Authorize.Net account to Gift Up!

Why am I seeing an "...authentication failed..." error message during checkout?

In infinite wisdom, when you create a new set of API credentials & keys, which you did in the steps above, they revoke any previously issued keys after 24 hours. There is no way to generate a new, independent, set of API keys in your Authorize.Net account, unlike with all other payment providers 🤦♂️ This has a huge knock on effect...

When you issue a new set of Authorize.Net API credentials & keys to us, they will work perfectly, but your old keys that were used in some other system will stop working after 24 hours. You will no doubt realize this at some point and will fix it by generating another new set of Authorize.Net API credentials & keys to fix it. 

But what you've now done is broken Gift Up ability to take payments using your, now old, Authorize.Net API credentials & keys. 

This design choice of Authorize.Net is the root issue of all of this because they are forcing you to store the keys they provide so you can issue them to all of your software platforms that use your Authorize.Net account for payments, like Gift Up, and whatever else uses your Authorize.Net account.

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