Account emails not arriving in your inbox?

Our email sending infrastructure is really quick and reliable (we use to send our emails and you can see their uptime status here), so it's almost never a problem our end in sending the email. Instead, it's almost always your email provider or the email software you use that's not placing our email in your inbox. 

Have you entered the correct email address?

But before you go any further, it's really important to make sure that you entered the correct email address. Countless times a simple mistake when typing can cause you immense frustrating (i.e. entering my, rather than for example!), or simply not remembering which email address you initially used to create your Gift Up! account!
So always check these 2 things first:
  1. Are you 100% sure that you entered the email address you used to sign up to Gift Up! in the first place?
  2. Are you 100% entering the email address correctly, with no spelling mistakes?

Now that you've made sure that your email address is the one you are using to access Gift Up! and there are no spelling mistakes in it, we can proceed to the next stage.

Steps you can take to get our emails delivered to your inbox

1) Check your spam folder

The most important thing to do is to check your spam/junk folder. If you find it in there, just mark it as not junk and it'll be moved to your inbox and most likely all future emails will be placed in your inbox also. If there's an option to "trust us as a sender", do that also. 

2) Add "" to your address book

A great way to ensure emails get to your inbox is to have us as a contact in your inbox. Specifically, we send our emails from "", so go ahead and add that to your contacts list. But please make sure you do not email us there as we do not monitor that email inbox!

3) Use our alternative method to get emails to your inbox

Most likely at this point the email is being blocked because it contains a link to us. We know that Office 365 emails & Hotmail/ email addresses are blocking any email with a link to 🙄

So we've built an alternative workflow into our password reset & initial account setup confirmation emails where you can request a plan text email without a link, but a code instead. Read on below to find out more…

Not getting our initial "account verification" email?

If you're not getting our initial account verification email (the one we send you when you first create your account) and you've tried all the steps above, you can just ask for a simple plain text code to be delivered to your inbox instead. However, how you do this depends on whether you are currently logged in to the dashboard or not. 

If you're still in the dashboard

You can head over to and follow the workflow there:

If you've logged out of the dashboard

You'll need to reset your password, head over to here: and read on below…

Not getting our "password reset" email?

If you're not getting our password reset email and you've tried all the steps above, you can just ask for a simple plain text code to be delivered to your inbox instead. This is the simplest email we can send.

Invited users to your account, but they're not getting the email?

All you have to do is ask your invited user to head over to and enter their email address in that page. 

Once they've done that we'll send the invite email again to their email address. If it still does not arrive, they can follow the steps on the page as highlighted in the screenshots above

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