Naming convention for your gift cards/certificates/vouchers…

Different regions around the world call gift cards different things based on their usage scenarios. 

As a global platform that works in all markets, we've chosen the umbrella term "gift cards" to broadly describe our "stored-value" mechanism (as it's known), however, you can change the terminology used to describe what it is you're selling between the following:

  • Gift Card
  • Gift Certificate
  • Gift Voucher
  • A custom term of your choosing

How to change your naming convention

Head over to your business settings: page: and you'll be able to change how we describe what you're selling:

If you choose a custom naming convention, you'll get the chance to enter the singular and plural variants, for example, if you're selling tickets you might do this:

Once you've chosen your naming convention, we'll use that throughout the dashboard for consistency and also whenever we talk to your customers, i.e. in the example above, we'll invite them to "Download your ticket", rather than their "Download your gift card", for example.

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