View your outstanding gift card liability

Gift Up! is backed by an accounting ledger system where all transactions guaranteed to be logged and are immutable once entered. We can therefore calculate historically what your outstanding liability is to your customers quickly and accurately.

Head over to where you'll be able to view a chart of your liability over time. 

You are also able to change the timeframe and grouping (days, weeks, or months) accordingly:

Exporting a list of outstanding gift cards for a given day

If you require a list of gift cards that contributed to a particular day's liability, all you need to do is set the reports end date to be the day you require the liability for, and then you can export this in the reports overview. 

For example, if you wanted the liability as of 14th April 2022, you just ensure that your report end date is 14th April 2022 (with any start date):

Then you will be able to export the gift card codes & balances as of that date underneath:

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