How to install Gift Up! in GoDaddy Websites + Marketing

We've partnered with GoDaddy to bring you Gift Up! directly inside GoDaddy's Websites + Marketing platform.

We're offering all Gift Up! customers who use GoDaddy's Websites + Marketing builder $5000 in fee-free sales (for up to 3 months). You can sign up from within the GoDaddy Gift Card section block (shown below).

How to install Gift Up! in your GoDaddy website

  1. Edit into your website builder in GoDaddy
  2. Add a new section
  3. Add the Gift Card section
  4. Edit the Gift Card Settings
  5. Enter the unique gift card URL found in your Gift Up! dashboard here: If you are yet to have a Gift Up! account, just click the "Create Gift Up! account" in the Setup GiftCard section in GoDaddy (shown below)
  6. Once you've done that, you're all done! Your customers will be able to buy a gift card easily with the "Buy Now" button on your website:

How to get $5000 in fee-free sales

We're waiving our fee completely for gift card sales up to $5000, for up to 3 months for all GoDaddy Websites + Marketing customers. If you do not have an account yet, you need to sign up using the link provided in the Gift Card section in order to get the offer applied to your account:

If you already have a Gift Up! account, we're happy to apply the same offer to you, just drop us a support message, and we'll add the offer to your account going forward. 

Using GoDaddy Store or Appointments?

If you are also using GoDaddy's shopping cart system (aka GoDaddy Store) or the appointment/booking system (aka GoDaddy Appointments), you'll not be able to have Gift Up! issued gift cards redeemed in those systems, yet. There is work planned to have any issued Gift Up! gift cards present in your account, redeemable in those platforms. Keep an eye out for an announcement!

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