Working with multiple email templates

If you are providing custom email copy for your customers, and you wish to change the copy based either on the language selected during checkout, or the item purchased, then you can create multiple email templates and target those templates to a particular item(s) and/or language(s). 

How to add a new email template

Head over to and click "Add a new email template":

After you have done this you can enter the copy you require for the gift card email and the receipt email. 

How to target an email template to a particular item or language

When you create a new template, you'll almost certainly want to associate that email template with a particular item or language (or perhaps both). Just specify that when editing your email template:

When you do this, we'll only send this email template out if all the criteria matches the order's profile. 

For instance, if you create an email template targetting Item A, and the customer purchases Item A, we will send this email template. But if they purchase Item B, we will not send this email template, instead we'll send another email template that does target Item B, or failing that, your default email template (see below).

How we choose which template to send

When you have multiple email templates in your account, we need to be able to select the correct one based on your criteria. To do this, when an order is placed, we get all your email templates and go through them in order from top to bottom to find the first matching email template based on your criteria. This is why we allow you to re-arrange your email templates. 

It's important we always send an email when a gift card is sold, even if your email templates and their respective targetting constraints are too restrictive. To this end, if we fail to find a perfect email template match based on your criteria, we will fall back to using your nominated "Fallback template": 

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