Connect your HubSpot CRM account to Gift Up! and we'll add your purchasers to a contact list of your choice in your HubSpot account. We'll also add the purchaser as a new contact if required, as well as creating an event whenever they purchase a gift card. 

Just head over to our integrations page in Gift Up! and click Connect on the HubSpot card:

You'll then be asked to authorize Gift Up! to access the necessary parts of your HubSpot account:

Once you authorize the connection, we'll then ask you which contact list you'd like to sync gift card purchasers to:

Once that's all done, we'll take care of the rest. You'll automatically see any new purchasers details appear as a new contact (if they don't already exist in your HubSpot account) and add them to your specified contact list, plus we'll add a timeline event when they buy a gift card from you as well:

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