Big Cartel

Connect Gift Up! to your Big Cartel account and we will enable your Gift Up! gift card codes to be used during checkout as a Big Cartel discount code, which acts as a gift card.

How to connect Gift Up! to your Big Cartel store

Head over to the Gift Up! integrations page and click "CONNECT" on the Big Cartel card:

You'll go through a process to authorize Gift Up! to be able to manage your Big Cartel account. All we'll be doing is creating a discount that matches the gift cards we issue for you (and making sure they can only be used while they are still valid!).

How Gift Up! works with your Big Cartel store

When you sell a gift card in your Gift Up! checkout we will automatically create a discount code matching the gift card balance in Big Cartel that matches the gift card code that we create, for example:

Your customer can then enter their gift card code during checkout, like this: 

Limitations in Big Cartel

The gift cards/discount codes in Big Cartel are eligible for use on any order, so long as the order value exceeds the gift card value. This means that a gift card must be used in one go and cannot be partially redeemed, and it also means that the customer must buy item(s) with a total exceeding the value on the gift card. 

This is because Big Cartel has no way to have a discount code fully cover the cart total, they simply error, like this:

Another limitation is that we do not yet support your gift card expiration policy in Big Cartel. This is because in Big Cartel, whilst they do support an expiry date, they do not support this in conjunction with usage limits, which are very important for financial safety when we operate in this manner. We have plans to support expiration in Big Cartel at a later date.

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