Connect your ActiveCampaign CRM account to Gift Up! and we'll add your purchasers to a contact list of your choice in your ActiveCampaign account. We'll also add the purchaser as a new contact if required, as well as creating an e-commerce event whenever they purchase a gift card.

Just head over to our integrations page in Gift Up! and click Connect on the ActiveCampaign card:

We'll then ask you for your ActiveCampaign API credentials, which you can get in your ActiveCampaign account in Settings / Developer:

Copy/paste those into Gift Up! and you'll be set:

Then, whenever a gift card is sold, we'll add the purchaser's details to your mailing list and tag the contact in ActiveCampaign, like this:

We'll also record a new order against the contact whenever they purchase a gift card in Gift Up! which you'll see in recent activities in ActiveCampaign. 

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