Offline payments (bank transfer, check etc...)

If you want to offer out an alternative, direct way for your customers to pay you for a gift card, you can attach an offline payment method to your Gift Up! account. 

We have built-in a variety of ways for you: Bank Transfer, Check, Phone, In-Store, and Custom:

We also recommend you attach an online payment method alongside your offline payment offerings so that customers can pay instantly using their credit/debit card instead. 

How offline payments work

Regardless of which particular payment method you choose to offer out, they all work in the same basic way: 

1) Customer builds up an order in your Gift Up! checkout and elects to pay with one of your supported offline payment methods

2a) We'll present the payment details to the customer asking them to pay for their order, we also email the customer the payment details by email

2b) ...we'll also capture their order in a "pending payment" state for you to see in your dashboard

2c) ...we'll also notify you by email that someone has elected to pay using an offline payment method

3) Customer makes the payment according to your instructions 👍

4) Once you receive payment, you mark the gift card order as paid, which then sends a receipt to the purchaser and the gift cards to the recipient. 

Requesting payment from the customer

If a customer elects to pay using an offline payment method, but they do not make payment immediately, you can send a reminder email to them asking for payment:

If you never get paid, you can cancel the order (which you can undo at a later date if they end up paying!) to remove it from your orders list in the dashboard.

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