Pricing updates for complimentary issued gift cards, July 2021

Beginning 1st July 2021 we're changing our pricing for gift cards that are issued via the Gift Up! dashboard.

From this date, the first 5 gift cards you issue through the dashboard will be completely free of charge. Any gift cards that are issued over the free allowance of 5 gift cards in the calendar month will be charged a reduced rate of 1.99% of the gift card balance, instead of our usual 3.49% rate. 

Gift cards issued per month Fee up to 31st June 2021 Fee from 1st July 2021
First 5 gift cards issued $0.50 per gift card $0
More than 5 gift cards issued $0.50 per gift card 1.99% of balance issued*  

*subject to a $0.50 minimum fee

There is a balance limit of $50 per gift card in your free allowance in order to not be charged, which means you can issue up to 5 x $50 gift cards per month, without incurring a fee from Gift Up! You can still issue gift cards of any balance via the dashboard, but you'll be charged our reduced 1.99% rate on any gift card balance issued over the $50 free allowance. 

Why have we made the change?

It was always our intention that customers who actively use Gift Up! to sell gift cards online and who want to occasionally issue a complimentary gift card (as an apology, in lieu of a refund etc...) should be able to do so free of charge. We think it's helpful, fair, and inline with how you make money. 

The net effect of this change is that 90% of our current customers who issue the occasional complimentary gift card through our dashboard will no longer pay to use Gift Up, or will pay less than they currently do.

However, because we do not charge a monthly fee for the use of Gift Up!, we've had to introduce some limits so that we do not get taken advantage of (after all, we're only a 2-man team and rely solely on the pay as you go income model of Gift Up!).

Frequently asked questions

What if I issue a larger value gift card?

We've set a limit of 5 gift cards per month that we won't charge for, and we've also set a per gift card limit of $50 before we start charging our reduced rate of 1.99%. 

This means that if you issue a free $150 gift card via the dashboard, for example, and you're within your free monthly allowance, we won't charge you on the first $50, instead we'll only we'll charge you a 1.99% fee on the remaining $100 gift card balance. 

What is a 'complimentary' gift card?

We consider a complimentary gift card one that you issue where you've not taken payment for it at any stage. So it's commonly used for things like:

  • In lieu of a refund
  • A free gift card to a friend, family or a customer
  • As a give-away in a charity raffle

That kind of thing.

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