How to send the emails yourself, from your own email server & domain

If you have the desire to control fully the emails that your customers receive (that's both the receipt email to the purchaser, and the gift card email for the recipient), including the email content & sending domain/email address, then you can ask us to stop sending emails on your behalf, and you can take responsibility for it - just contact us at to disable email sending on your account. 

You can use either Zapier to send the emails, which is great if you are not hugely technically minded but confident enough to give it a go, or you can subscribe to our `order created` webhook event and send the emails yourself on the back of that. 

Using Zapier to send emails to your customers

If you wish to use Zapier to send receipts and gift cards to your customers, you'll need 2 workflows in Zapier

  1. Use the Gift Up app's "Order created" trigger in Zapier (which includes the total price, any discounts etc... along with the purchaser's name and email address) to trigger your workflow and ultimately send a receipt email to the purchaser.
  2. Use the Gift Up app's "Gift card created" trigger in Zapier (which includes the recipient's name & email address, code, embeddable gift card image etc...) to trigger your workflow and ultimately send the gift card to the recipient when they requested it. 

Using your platform to send emails to your customers

If you are a web platform or simply have the capability to subscribe to a webhook from Gift Up and wish to send the emails yourself, then this approach is for you. 

  1. Subscribe to the `order created` webhook in the Gift Up dashboard (view payload definition)
  2. Send a receipt email to the purchaser, if the `purchaserEmail` address field is populated
  3. Make an API call to list the gift cards in the order, making sure you filter by Order Id (API endpoint definition)
  4. Send the necessary email(s) to the recipients on the date they have requested*

* By design, there may be multiple gift cards in an order, with different recipients & email addresses specified. It is therefore important to consider this data pattern, and you may need to send several emails to different email addresses for any given order. We recommend grouping the gift cards by `emailFulfilment.emailAddress` & `emailFulfilment.scheduledFor`. 

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