Redirecting your users after they buy a gift card

If you want to redirect your users to a custom page after they've purchased a gift card, you can do so by heading over to and changing this setting: 

Provide a fully qualified URL (i.e. starts with 'http://' or 'https://') and we'll redirect your users there 1 second after payment is made. 

Passing order data to your URL

We also allow you to have some dynamic placeholders in your URL:

{{orderid}} - Our internal order reference (i.e. c0f12d59-ffb8-431c-ab32-4b53b45cd4a8)

{{currency}} - The currency of the order (i.e. USD)

{{revenue}} - The order's revenue (i.e. 49.99)

For example, you may wish to specify a URL like this:{{currency}}&amount={{revenue}}

We would then redirect your users to a URL like this, for example:

Conversion tracking considerations

If you have any conversion tracking enabled in Gift Up (i.e. Google Analytics, Ads etc...) these will still fire, but as we expect that you'll want to handle conversion tracking on your custom conversion page instead you may wish to disable any conversion trackers you have configured here:

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