Installing in Facebook

If you have over 2000 fans in your Facebook page, you can install our checkout in your Facebook page. The 2000 fan requirement is a Facebook imposed minimum and is outside of our control.

How to install in Facebook

Go to and select whether you have 2000 fans on your page or not:

If you have 2000 page fans/likes you'll be able to install our "Buy a gift card" page tab to your page:

If you don't have 2000 fans yes, you may be able to add a call-to-action button to your Facebook page instead, inviting your users to buy a gift card using our hosted checkout link we give you. 

Mobile devices and Facebook tabs

Due to a well known (including by Facebook) limitation with 'Facebook Tabs', your checkout cannot be installed or viewed when using a smaller screen, like a mobile phone. 

Facebook have a major replacement in the works, but it is not available yet. As soon as it is available to Facebook developers like us, we will replace our current integration with them that will work across all devices, including mobiles.

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