Redeeming gift cards in your custom platform/app

If you have a custom platform (a mobile app, an e-commerce platform, or a subscription system, etc...) you'll want your users to be able to redeem their gift cards in your platform. A typical use case involves accepting gift cards as a form of payment or as a discount against an order, service or booking, whatever it is that you do.

There are 2 main ways to accomplish this:

Method 1) Use our API to allow gift cards to be validated and redeemed as part of your payment/checkout flow

If you have access to developers who either wrote your platform or can develop on your platform, you can use our Rest API to integrate your system with ours. This is means you can let Gift Up! generate gift cards codes at random upon sale, and when your customer comes to use their gift card because you're hooked into your live Gift Up! account via our API, you can validate and redeem those codes in real-time. 

You'll need to conduct 2 simple steps:

  1. Ask for the gift card code from your customers and then ask the Gift Up! API if the card is valid and what value remains (API call).
  2. Apply the gift card value (in part or full) against your order and when complete, inform the Gift Up! API to redeem a value against the gift card (API call).

It's really as simple as that. Our API is totally free to use, highly available and robust. 

Read our API documentation

Method 2) Provision codes in your platform and upload them to Gift Up! to sell

If you prefer to not use a developer integrate your platform with ours via our API (or are forced to due to other factors), you can upload codes to Gift Up! for set values (i.e. 10 codes for $100 each, 10 codes for $50 each, etc...), and we'll sell them for you. This approach assumes your app supports the ability to create discount codes in advance (or a similar mechanism) that somehow unlock the value issued. 

Follow this guide: How to redeem gift cards in an unsupported system.

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