Importing gift cards from another provider/spreadsheet

If you're coming from another provider or have a spreadsheet already that you manage existing gift cards from, we have an import process behind the scenes that accepts a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file.

Download the import template as CSV

Required values

Please provide us with the following required fields in your CSV file:

  • Balance - The outstanding currency balance on the gift card, e.g. 49.99

Optional values

You can also specify the following values, if required/known (leave any columns blank if not required or known):

  • Code - The gift card code issued, if nothing is specified, we'll generate a random code e.g. "ABC123"
  • Purchaser Name 
  • Purchaser Email
  • Recipient Name
  • Recipient Email
  • Initial Balance - The initial gift card currency balance on the gift card, e.g. 75.49
  • Price - The price charged to the purchaser for this gift card, e.g. 100.00
  • Item Name - The gift card name e.g. "$50 Gift Card"
  • Description - The description on the gift card, appears underneath the item name e.g. "For use at Juicy Joe's"
  • Terms - The terms applied to the gift card, we'll use your default gift card terms if nothing specified
  • Message - The message left to the recipient
  • Tip - The value of the tip received e.g. 0
  • Issued On - The date the gift card was issued on, we'll use the current date/time if nothing specified e.g. "2018-10-21"
  • Expires On - The expiry date of the gift card, leave blank for account default expiry policy. e.g. "2020-10-20" for 20th October
  • Valid From - The valid from date of the gift card, leave blank for account default valid from policy. e.g. "2020-10-20" for 20th October

Take special care around dates & numbers

For dates, we require a format like this: YYYY-MM-DD, i.e. 2018-10-21 is the 21st August 2018 and likewise 2018-10-09 is the 9th August (and not the 10th September!).

For numbers, we require them formatted with a "." (dot/period) as the fractional separator, not a comma. i.e. "1059.99", not "1.059,99".

Unit vs. currency-backed gift cards

Please note, if you are importing/issuing unit-backed gift cards, not currency-backed gift cards, you should specify  Unit Balance  and Initial Unit Balance instead

Sending your file to us

Once you've filled in the CSV file with your data, please send it to us at where we will review your import file and create a single test gift card for you in your account for you to review. We'll also ask you if you want us to send the gift cards to the recipient by email or not. 

After you've reviewed the test gift card and accepted it as correct, we will then import all the gift cards in your CSV file into your account. 

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