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Connect Gift Up! to your Shopify store and we will enable your Gift Up! gift card codes to be used during checkout (and in-person if you use Shopify POS).

Connect Gift Up! to your Shopify account

Head over to Integrations in the Gift Up! dashboard and locate the Shopify card. 

As we do not have a public app in Shopify, you will need to create a "Private App" in your Shopify store and share the details with us. Here's how...

1) Go to your Shopify dashboard

2) Click Apps > Manage private apps

2b) Enable private app development

3) Click "Create a new private app"

4) Enter the following information:

App name: Gift Up!
Emergency developer email: Your email address

Expand the permissions...

...and ensure we have access to: 

Discounts: read and write
Orders: read
Price rules: read and write
Locations: read

5) Click Save to create the app.

Once done, you'll be able to see the information we need in the section called "Admin API":

You need to copy & paste the following information from the Shopify app Admin API section into the Gift Up! Shopify settings card:

  1. Example Url
  2. Shared secret

Then click "Connect" and any future gift cards that are sold will be available as coupons in your Shopify store and can be used in the cart as normal.

How to install our checkout in your Shopify website

In order to sell gift cards, you need to install our drop-in checkout on a page somewhere in your Shopify website. 

Gift cards cannot be bought as products in your Shopify catalog as we need to collect some extra information like recipient email address and delivery date and Shopify does not allow us to collect this extra information. 

Installation instructions for Shopify

How Gift Up! works with your Shopify account

When you sell a gift card in your Gift Up! checkout we will automatically create a discount matching the gift card balance in Shopify that matches the 5 character alpha-numeric code that we create.

The gift recipient (the only person who knows that code) can then come to your online store, or in-person, if you use Shopify's POS, and place an order, using this discount code against any of the items you sell. 

Orders placed for more than the gift card value

If they place an order for more than the value of the gift card, then they just need to pay the balance as normal during the checkout. 

$70 gift card, $100 order
$70 gift card balance applied as a discount
$30 balance to pay during checkout
$70 redeemed against the gift card, leaving a $0 balance

Orders placed for less than the gift card value

If they place an order for less than the value of the gift card then they will only have to pay any shipping costs.

$70 gift card, $50 order
$70 gift card balance available, but only $50 is applied as a discount
$0 to pay during checkout
$50 redeemed against the gift card, leaving $20 balance

What about the remaining balance?

In the instance above, the coupon gets deleted automatically by Shopify (as the original discount coupon was a one time use only coupon), but when the order gets placed in Shopify, we get notified and we reduce the gift card balance in Gift Up! to $20 and  immediately re-create the discount coupon with the exact same code again, but this time with a $20 balance so your customer can come along again and place another order and use their remaining balance.

What about shipping costs?

When we create the discount coupon in Shopify, it can only be used against the items being purchased in the cart. This is the only supported behaviour in Shopify e-commerce for discount codes & price rules. There is no way to have a discount code apply to the order total, including shipping costs. 

Where do customers enter the gift card during the Shopify checkout process?

They need to enter the gift card code we issue in the "Discount code" field on the payment screen:

What Shopify plans does Gift Up! work with?

Gift Up! works with any Shopify plan, all the way from the Basic Shopify plan to Shopify Plus.

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