How to charge your customers a fee to cover our fees

We know that our fee, in combination with your payment provider's fee can be around 5% in total, so, if you want or need to, you can collect a fee from your customers during checkout to help cover some (or all) of these fees. 

By default, we do not set up your account to charge a "service fee", but it's really easy to collect a service fee to help pay for both our fees and your payment provider fees. You'll get paid this "service fee" in full, and you'll still get billed for our fees at the end of the month as usual.

The hidden value of expired / unused gift cards

Do bear in mind that the gift cards you issue may expire (if you've set that up) and regardless of that, some will inevitably just go unused. This usually always covers our fee and your payment provider's fee easily.

As a guideline, if you set a 12-month expiry, you will likely see a 10-15% non-redemption rate over the course of a full year. If you have no expiry set, you will still benefit from a 5-7% non-redemption rate.

Knowing this in advance, you may decide to not pass on a service fee to your customers and enjoy even more sales. 

How to charge your customers a service fee

  1. Visit
  2. In the section called "Service fee" enter the amount you would like to charge. You can choose from:
     - Just a fixed amount (i.e. $5)
     - Just a percentage of the total (i.e. 5%)
     - A mixture of the two (i.e., $5 and 5%)

Then when your customers come to pay for their gift cards in the checkout, they will see something like this:

How to cover just our fee

To cover just our fee, you could set the % fee component to be 3.49%, no need for a fixed portion alongside. 
This will get you close. But because we charge our fee on the service fee charged, you need to increase this a little to take that into account. The mathematically correct answer, if you want to exactly cover our fees, is to set this to 3.62%.

How to cover our fee & your payment provider fees

If you want to completely cover our fees & your payment provider's fee, just add them together. 
So, if your payment provider charges 2.9% + $0.30, you just need to set the fixed service fee to be $0.30 and the percentage to be 6.39% (3.49% Gift Up! fee + 2.9% payment fee)
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