How to issue a refund for a gift card that's been purchased

Because payment is sent directly to your attached payment account (Stripe, PayPal or Square) you need to issue the refund in that system and potentially void the gift card in Gift Up! 

Here's how...

1. Log in to your Gift Up! dashboard

2. Find the gift card you would like to refund by going to Orders and searching for it by code

3. Click the link underneath "Paid using"

4. Refund the payment in your payment provider's system as you normally would

5. If you are giving a full refund, you may want to void the gift card. If you are giving a partial refund you may want to remove credit from the gift card by clicking the REDEEM... button

Please note that Gift Up! fees are not refunded by voiding or removing credit from a gift card automatically. However, if you are voiding a gift card because a customer has requested a refund and it was originally ordered within the last 3 months, we are happy to add a credit to your account equivalent to the fee you were charged. Please email us at with the gift card codes that were voided, and we'll credit our fees back to you. 
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