Enabling email notifications

We have a variety of email notifications built into Gift Up!

  • New email order received (on by default)
  • New postal order received (on by default)
  • Item is out of stock (on by default)
  • Gift card email failed to be delivered to the recipient (on by default)
  • A gift card has been redeemed

Manage your notification settings

You cannot set up notifications for other admins or users external to Gift Up! yet, they will have to be invited as a dashboard admin and login to the dashboard themselves and set up their notifications themselves.

If you need something more complex

Occasionally, you have more complex requirements around notifications, like sending a text or an email to a group of people when a gift card is sold or redeemed etc...

We highly recommend setting up a Zap in Zapier to do whatever you need. 

What do the "New order" emails look like?

Here's an example of a postal order. For email gift cards, the only thing that gets removed is the address. Notice how it contains the code we issued to the recipient and the initial credit value.

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