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Connect Gift Up to your Ecwid by Lightspeed store, and we will enable your Gift Up gift card codes to be used during checkout.

How to install Gift Up in your Ecwid by Lightspeed store

1) Connect your Ecwid store to your Gift Up account

Firstly, click the button below to install our app in your Ecwid account. Requires a subscription to the Ecwid Venture plan or higher.

Once you've done this, you will see our app in "My apps" in your Ecwid account. 

2) Install our checkout in your website

You will now need to install our checkout into your website somewhere to actually offer your gift cards for sale to your customers, as they cannot be bought using your Ecwid store due to limitations in Ecwid. 

How Gift Up works with Ecwid by Lightspeed

When you sell a gift card in your Gift Up checkout (which you can install on your website, instructions here) we will automatically create a discount coupon of the gift card balance in Ecwid that matches the 5-character, alphanumeric code that we create. 

For example, here's an order for a gift card:

Now the gift recipient (the only person who knows that code) can go to your store and place an order and use this discount code against an order in your store. 

Orders placed for more than the gift card value

If they place an order for more than the value of the gift card, then they just need to pay the balance as normal during the checkout. 

$70 gift card, $100 order
$70 gift card balance applied as a discount
$30 balance to pay during checkout
$70 redeemed against the gift card, leaving a $0 balance

Orders placed for less than the gift card value

If they place an order for less than the value of the gift card then they will only have to pay any shipping costs.

$70 gift card, $50 order
$70 gift card balance available, but only $50 is applied as a discount
$0 to pay during checkout
$50 redeemed against the gift card, leaving $20 balance

What about the remaining balance?

In the instance above, the coupon gets deleted automatically by Ecwid (as the original discount coupon was a one time use only coupon), but when the order gets placed in Ecwid, we get notified and we reduce the gift card balance in Gift Up to $20 and immediately re-create the discount coupon with the exact same code again, but this time with a $20 balance so your customer can come along again and place another order and use their remaining balance.

What about shipping costs?

When we create the discount coupon in Ecwid, it cannot be used against any shipping costs. This is a limitation of Ecwid unfortunately and there is nothing we can do about it. 

If you do charge for shipping, then your customers will have to pay this during checkout. 

Can I set up a product in Ecwid by Lightspeed, called something like "gift card"?

I'm afraid not. The simple reason being that whilst we could look for all orders coming from Ecwid containing that product, we would not know where to send it to, or when. 

In our checkout, your customers can be very specific about who gets the gift card and crucially, when. During the Ecwid checkout it's not possible to collect this information, plus Ecwid asks for postal address information, which would really confuse your gift card buyers as our gift cards are sent by email.

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