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If you use Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords), you'll want to track your gift card sales as conversions in your Ads account. 

To do this you will need the Conversion ID and the Conversion Label from your Google Ads account. 

Here's how you get it (using the new Google Ads experience):

  1. In your Google Ads account, click the Tools, Billing, and Settings menu
  2. Select Measurement: Conversions, which opens to the Conversion Actions table
  3. Select the name of the conversion that you want to use from the Name column
  4. Expand the tab for Tag set up to view the tag details
  5. Select Use Google Tag Manager card
  6. Copy the Conversion ID and Conversion Label.

Once you've gotten these, head over to the Gift Up! integrations page and enter the tracking ID in the Google Ads card:

Once you've saved that card, we'll fire a conversion event to Google Ads for every gift card you sell, some of these sales will have come initially from a click-through from one of your Google ads and will record the conversion against that ad.

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