Uploading your own codes for Gift Up! to issue

Out of the box Gift Up! is configured to generate a random 5 character alpha-numeric gift card code whenever you sell a gift card. We guarantee it to be unique and easy to type in when the gift card is being redeemed. 

Tip: You can change the default format of the codes we generate. You might do this for branding reasons, or to make sure that the codes we generate are fully compatible with your external system.

However, if you want to provide us with a list of codes to issue (because you are printing physical gift cards ahead of time, or are provisioning a batch of codes inside your Point of Sale terminal / external system), then you'll want to provide us with a list of codes to issue from. 

The codes you give us are tied to a particular item you're selling (say a $100 gift card) and are limited to 50 characters in length, but apart from that, they can be any format. 

If you need to generate some codes, we recommend taking a look at https://codito.io/

How to upload the codes in your item(s)

Just edit into the item and upload the list of codes: 

Then, whenever we sell that item (in this instance, the $100 gift card), instead of generating the code at random, we'll pull the next code you provided to us from the top of the list. We guarantee to only issue a code once, and we guarantee the order in which we pull them out. 

Obviously you'll need to do this for each and every item you want to provide codes for and you can add additional codes to any of your items at any time. We'll also show you how many codes are left so you know when to add some more: 

In test mode we try and mimic what will happen in live mode as best we can, so when you issue/sell a gift card that has a list of codes associated to it, as above, we'll pick the top one and append "-TEST***" to the end of it (where *** is a random set of 3 numbers) to ensure that the code we generate is unique. 

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