Changing the format of the codes generated on your gift cards

By default, we generate a unique 5 character alpha-numeric code for every gift card you sell. This means it very easy to type in on our redeem app or for your customers if they are using it on a supported e-commerce cart. No long, hard to type codes here... plus we guarantee them to be unique. 

Fun fact: there's a 1-20 million chance of a single code being guessed! i.e. it'll never realistically happen. 

Sometimes this is not desirable (for example, some POS systems require only numbers, or perhaps you want to prefix the code generated) ... so we allow you to change the format of the codes we generate.

We also support a range of numbers, if your external system / POS requires that. i.e. you can provide us with a number range like this:
10002500 - 10003000

Get in touch if this is required as we do not support this in our dashboard yet.

Change the format of the codes Gift Up! generates

You can change the default format for all gift cards sold here:

We also support the ability to specify a custom gift card format on a per-item basis. Just edit into the item you want to change the format for and provide a new format. This over-rides the account level default. 

You can specify any format you like, but we have a few special characters:

* = Any letter or number*
# = Any number*
@ = Any letter*

You can use any character in your format, except the 3 special reserved characters *, #, @

* We exclude certain characters for readability, like 0 & O, 1 & L, 5 & S, for example to avoid ambiguity when reading of typing the code we generate. 

Some examples:

  1. GV-*****  would produce codes that always start with "GV-" and end with 5 random letters or numbers
  2. ###-@@@-*** would produce codes that have 3 numbers, followed by a dash, followed by 3 letters, followed by another dash, followed by 3 letters or numbers
  3. @@@@@MYCO would produce 5 letters, followed by "MYCO"
  4. ######  would produce a number only code of 6 numbers in length

Upload your own codes

If you have an external system that can generate codes that mean something (i.e you have a Point of Sale terminal or booking system where you can pre-create discount codes of a specific value), you can upload these codes to a specific item in Gift Up!

Then whenever we sell a gift card with that item, we will issue a code from the list of codes you've uploaded to us. 

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