Can customers use their gift cards partially until the balance is zero?

Yes they can, if you want them to. Baked throughout Gift Up! is the basic concept that a gift card can be used partially (over many visits/uses), fully in one go, or even as part payment towards a larger purchase. 

This applies whether your customers are redeeming in-store, or online through one of our many plug-and-play shopping cart/ticketing integrations

Don't want to allow partial redemption?

If you don't want to allow customers to partially redeem a gift card you can do that, but it's only possible for in-store redemptions. All of our online integrations allow partial redemption and there is nothing that we can do about it; that concept is baked right into every single partner of ours. 

But if you are accepting the gift cards in person, then you can opt to not accept the gift cards for anything less than the face value. But we have no software toggle for this; it's a manual thing when you accept the gift cards. It sounds crazy, but we know that in some instances you'll want to be able to partially redeem a gift card face-to-face, even though your stated de-facto policy is to not, and we absolutely did not want the software we provide to you to get in the way of doing that. That's the last thing you need during that customer encounter!

So, we've left it as a policy thing for you to implement in-store. Of course, you'll want to tell your customer about the policy, and we recommend using the general terms & conditions box to relay that information. 

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