Redeeming gift cards in person

When customers arrive in your store, and they want to pay using a gift card they've been bought, you have a choice on how to validate and redeem the gift card: 

  1. Use our mobile app, it works on iPads, iPhones, iPods, and all Android mobiles/tablets
  2. Or bookmark and use our redeem web app
  3. Or embed our redeem web app in your application/POS terminal
  4. If you have a POS terminal, you may be able to accept the gift cards using your terminal

The simplest way to get up and running is to use our mobile apps:

How the app works

Once you've downloaded our app, you just follow these steps (our redeem web app is the same flow as the mobile app):

  1. Open the Gift Up! app & search for a gift card (either by scanning the card presented or typing the 5 character gift card code). You can also search for a gift card by name/email if your customer does not have the gift card code to hand...

    1a) If it's your first time using the app:
    You'll need to enter your Gift Up! user account email address and your redemption pin. You can reset your pin if you've forgotten it, or if you have access to the Gift Up! dashboard, you can view your current pin instead.

    1b) If you've used the app before
    You'll notice that the logo at the top is now your company's logo, and you can just click your name and use your redemption pin - so much quicker!

  2. Find and select the gift card you want to redeem

  3. If you selected partially redeem, enter the amount you wish to deduct from the gift card

  4. Done! If you've made a mistake, you can undo the redemption here

Do I have to log in every time?

Once you've logged, we'll keep you logged in for 12 hours unless you explicitly sign out. If you do get automatically signed out, logging in again is a simple affair of just clicking your name and entering your 4 digit pin once more; no need to enter your email address...

What if you have multiple Gift Up! accounts?

If you have access to multiple gift up accounts (either as a dashboard admin, or a redeemer only), you can redeem gift cards for any of your Gift Up! accounts, all from the one Gift Up! mobile app. Just scan/enter the code & login using your email/pin as per the above instructions, and we'll take care of the rest. 

If you need, you can test this out by placing a test order in both accounts, whereby you'll be given 2 gift card codes. Then use our redeem app to redeem both, you'll see it works seamlessly. 

How do I test the redeem app?

To test how redemption works in person, just place a test transaction and scan the gift card as normal. We'll put a not-so-subtle warning message in the redeem app to tell you that you're about to accept & redeem a test gift card!

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