Lightspeed Retail (X-Series)

When customers arrive in your store, and they want to pay using a gift card they've been bought, you need to validate and redeem the gift card. You can do this via your Lightspeed Retail X-Series (formerly Vend) POS terminal. You can also sell Gift Up issued gift cards inside your Vend terminal.

Connect Gift Up! to your Lightspeed Retail account

1) Head over to our integrations page and click "connect" on the Lightspeed Retail card

2) Sign in to and authorize Gift Up! to have access to your account:

3) Head over to your Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) store and add a new Payment Type:

Choose "Other payment method" as your type: 4) Enter a name for the payment type (we suggest: "Gift Card") and enter the URL from the Gift Up! dashboard:

5) Save the new payment type!

How to redeem a gift card in Lightspeed Retail

After you have added the payment type, you will see it in your terminal when you come to collect payment for the sale. When you click the "GIFT CARD" payment method, you'll see a form pop-up asking for the gift card code: Just enter the code, and you'll be able to pay using a gift card: 

How to sell a gift card in Lightspeed Retail

If you wish to sell a gift card in-store, you should first disable the built-in Vend gift card system (this may require you to reach out to Vend to disable it on your account). Then you'll need to follow these 4 simple set up steps:

1) Add Custom Fields to capture the recipient information.

Head over to Setup / Workflows and add the following 4 Custom Fields:

Type Title API Name
Integer Gift Card Value giftup-value
String Fulfilment Choice giftup-fulfilment
String Recipient Name giftup-recipient-name
String Recipient Email giftup-recipient-email
String Gift Card Code giftup-code

Here are the full settings:

2) Add a Business Rule

Head over to Setup / Workflows / Business Rules and Add a Business Rule that targets the "Line items added" and "Ready for payment" events:

Your unique "Endpoint URL" is available in your Lightspeed Retail connection card in the Gift Up dashboard

3) Create a gift card product in Lightspeed Retail

Head over to Catalog / Products and create a gift card item (or more), with either a fixed value (i.e. $50, $100) etc... or a $0 value. For example:

You can set up as many or as few as you need. 

4) Tell Gift Up to watch for new sales containing your gift card item(s) in Lightspeed Retail

Head over to the Gift Up dashboard ( and configure your Vend connection by selecting your gift card product(s):

How the in-store sales process works in Lightspeed Retail

Here's a recording of how the in-store sale process presents itself to you and your staff:

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to some questions you might have:

1) How can I test the redeem process?

You can test the redemption process easily by creating a test gift card in Gift Up! and using that code when completing the Lightspeed Retail sale. A warning message will appear that the gift card being used is a test gift card and should only be used for testing.

2) Can customers use only part of their gift card balance?

Absolutely. Just enter whatever amount you wish to attempt to charge to a gift card in the "amount to pay" field. 

3) When happens if the gift card balance is less than the sale amount?

If your customers have less balance on their gift card than the sale amount, we'll only deduce the gift card balance from the sale due amount. We'll also make it very clear before and after redemption that the gift card will not cover the full amount. The remainder can then be paid using whatever payment method they like, including another gift card if they have 2 or more gift cards!

4) Can an expired gift card still be used?

Yes. Sometimes you wish to have a little discretion when accepting gift cards, so Gift Up does not stop you redeeming expired gift cards, instead, we warn you that they are expired

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