Can I white-label Gift Up?

No, we do not offer a fully white-labelled solution to our partners, meaning the URLs and logos are all Gift Up! and will remain so. 

The reason for this is simply because we are a 2-man team and to offer out a white-labelled solution is a huge undertaking to do properly, so we prefer to not attempt it at all. Plus it would also mean selling our software solution to agencies and businesses, and that's not a key strength of ours, so our strategy is to go direct to market rather than a B2B model. 

Instead, we offer the following:

  1. You can remove our branding from the checkout and emails we send customers when they buy a gift card for a one-time fee
  2. You manage multiple Gift Up! accounts with one login, this is great if you have several clients whose accounts you manage. 
  3. You can join our partner program where you can either:
    1. Get a revenue share on all your clients spend with us (and they pay us directly)
    2. If you have clients with enough volume, you can pay us directly (with a healthy discount through one of our paid plans) and you can re-bill out to them at a rate you like (we recommend not exceeding our 3.49% pay as you go rate)
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