Asking for extra information during checkout

The Gift Up! checkout only asks for what's absolutely needed to fulfil a gift card order. It typically asks for the purchaser's name and email address and that of the recipient also. Along with a couple of extra things like what the message is to the recipient and when to send the email (or what postal address to send it to).

If you need to capture a little more information from the purchaser you can add custom fields to the checkout flow by heading to Checkout Settings in your Gift Up! dashboard.

Collecting extra information

As an example, it could be mandatory that you collect the purchaser's phone number:

When deciding how to label your extra fields, please be careful and ask for the correct information. For example "Phone number" is a little vague, the purchaser might be thinking "My phone number, or that of the recipient?" It is better to be clear. 

And we would ask for this information during checkout: 

Visibility of the captured data

By default, we will capture and store this extra information when you are viewing the gift card in the dashboard:

But you can configure the extra information to be available in both our redeem app, for your users to see and also in the actual gift card that gets sent to the recipient. 

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