Issuing gift cards in bulk

In Gift Up! there are various ways to issue a gift card. You can:

  1. Create the gift card via the dashboard, one by one
  2. Use Zapier to issue gift cards via our Zapier app and something like a Google Sheet/Excel spreadsheet
  3. Use our API to issue as many gift cards as required, but technical knowledge is required
  4. Generate a spreadsheet and ask us to issue them in bulk for you

If you decide that the best approach is option 4, read the article: Importing gift cards from another provider/spreadsheet for details on the spreadsheet we require you to fill in. Once you've read and created the spreadsheet, email it to us at where we will review the spreadsheet for errors, and we'll create a test gift card in your account for you to review. 

Once you are satisfied that the test gift card is correct, we'll then import all the gift cards in your spreadsheet. As part of this process, we'll also ask you if you want us to email the gift cards to the recipient, or not. And if so, when you'd like us to email them out: immediately, or on a set date/time in the future. 

Fees charged for bulk issuance

We charge our standard 3.49% fee for bulk issued gift cards (unless you are on a paid plan, in which case we'll deduce from your annual revenue allowance).

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