Granting your users specific permissions

When you have several people accessing your Gift Up! dashboard, it's a good idea to have user accounts set up for each person. You can set permissions to let other people access your Gift Up! dashboard, without giving them access to sensitive information. Having different users can also help you to keep track of changes and events in your Gift Up! account.

A user can have one of the following levels of permissions:

  • Owner - Allows full access to a Gift Up! account, including the ability to delete the entire account. There can only be one account owner at a time. By default, this is the person that originally opened the Gift Up! account, but ownership can be transferred at any time.
  • Full dashboard access - Allows access to all sections of your Gift Up! dashboard, including sensitive account and financial information
  • Partial dashboard access - Restricts a user to specified sections of your Gift Up! dashboard. When you restrict a user from a section of the dashboard, they still see it in the sidebar of the dashboard, but they'll only see links that are relevant to them. For example, if you restrict a staff member from accessing your Settings page, then you also restrict them from accessing the shipping and the tax settings.

    The reasons for using limited permissions for a user will be different for each account. For example, you might want to use permissions in the following cases:

    • You don't want users to see any of your sales information, such as sales by month or sales by staff on the Reports page
    • You don't want users to change any of your account settings, such as your address or your artwork
    • You don't want users to be able to issue gift cards via the dashboard or top up a gift card
  • Redeem app only access - This user cannot access the dashboard at all. They can only log in to our redeem mobile/web app via their pin.

How to set the user's permissions level

When you invite or edit a user you will be able to set their permissions level easily via the UI:

If you choose to issue them with partial dashboard access, you will be able to specify the sections they are able to view and/or edit:

A description of user permissions available

There are various granular permissions available for a particular user in Gift Up!:

Gift cards

  • List - Enables the user to see a list of all orders & gift cards
  • View - Enables the user to locate a gift card by code and view the details of that gift card. But they cannot "search" for a gift card e.g. all gift cards with the name "lee" unless they also have "List" permission above.
  • Edit - Enables the user to edit a specific gift card's details, like purchaser/recipient names, the message left etc... They are unable to change the balance of a gift card unless they also have "Redeem" or "Top up" permission below.
  • Issue - Enables the user to issue a gift card through the dashboard: How to sell a gift card in-store (or give away a free gift card) They are unable to view the gift card they just issued, or make balance corrections, unless they also have "Edit", "Redeem" or "Top up" permissions.
  • Void - Enables the user to void & reactivate a gift card
  • Top up - Enables the user to add credit to a gift card
  • Redeem - Enables the user to redeem a balance off a gift card


  • List - Enables the user to see a list of all items for sale
  • Edit - Enables the user to create & edit items for sale


  • List - Enables the user to see a list of all promotions, including sales stats for the promotion
  • Edit - Enables the user to create & edit all promotions


  • View & edit - Enables the user to view and edit all settings


  • View & edit - Enables the user to view and edit billing details including past invoices and current Gift Up! fee payment details


  • View - Enables the user to view reports, which include sales information and analytics over time
  • Edit - Enables the user to edit a particular report entry, like changing its location
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