Is it possible to redeem gift cards through my payment provider?

When you use Gift Up! you are asked to attach a payment provider, like Stripe or PayPal, and you probably use those payment providers in other parts of your business, like an online booking system or checkout. 

You may wonder if there is a way for Gift Up! issued gift cards to be accepted as another payment method in those payment providers, thus providing a unified payment experience. 

That would be amazing, but alas it's simply not technically possible. No payment providers that we know of allow such extensibility to their own (tightly controlled for good reason) systems that would allow this. It's a real shame as it would be a superb way to unify your software stack and accept Gift Up! gift cards in other parts of your business, but it's just not technically possible at all. 

However, Gift Up! does have a variety of creative ways to get your gift cards accepted online, in some fashion. Have a read of the most relevant article here: 

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