Export all financial transactions

If you want a detailed breakdown of all financial transactions in your Gift Up! account, you can download a comma-separated file (CSV) of it easily. Just head over to https://giftup.app/reports, select the date range you're interested in and click "Export Transactions".

Gift Up! is backed by an accounting ledger system where all transactions are guaranteed to be logged and are immutable once entered. 

You'll get a CSV file that represents the table above it. Specifically, we'll export: 

  • Id (a unique id for the transaction)
  • LoggedOn (when the event was stored)
  • EventOccuredOn (when the event occurred)
  • Event (can be one of OrderPlaced, GiftCardCreated, CreditAdded, Redeemed, Expired, Unexpired, Voided, Reactivated)
  • StaffName
  • StaffEmail
  • Value (the value change in the currency specified below)
  • Units (the units change, if a unit backed gift card)
  • ServiceFee
  • Tip
  • Discount
  • ShippingFee
  • TotalRevenue
  • GiftUpFee
  • Currency
  • Reason (a text reason for the transaction, if entered)
  • GiftCardId
  • GiftCardCode
  • GiftCardItemName
  • GiftCardRevenue
  • GiftCardSku
  • OrderId
  • OrderSource (can be one of API, Checkout, Dashboard, Import)
  • OrderPromotionsApplied (a list of promotions applied to this order)
  • PurchaserName
  • PurchaserEmail
  • RecipientName
  • RecipientEmail

This is great if you need to do things like work out the total sum of redemptions against a user/location in a specific time period.

Exporting via our API

If you prefer a more automated/tailored export, you can use our API to extract all transactions from your account instead. You can filter by date, event and user just as per the dashboard. Read the API documentation.

Exporting current gift card states

If you require an export of your gift cards, as they stand right now, we have a separate download for that

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