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Connect Gift Up! to your Stripe account, and we will enable your Gift Up! gift card codes to be used as Stripe Coupons, in Stripe Checkout and/or Subscriptions. 

Warning, please read…

There are serious limitations in Stripe's system on how they handle discount coupons & promotion codes in both their Checkout and Subscriptions products. In all use cases, if a Stripe Coupon is used, the equivalent Gift Up! gift card gets fully redeemed on first use. 

Limitations in Stripe Checkout

It is not possible to apply a discount coupon that fully covers the value of the checkout/item being purchased. This is because Stripe does not allow a zero value order to be placed as part of a Checkout session. In other words you can not have a gift card (which is represented as a Coupon in your Stripe account) fully cover the cost of a Checkout, which you would normally expect from a gift card being used.

This is a Stripe limitation, please direct complaints to Stripe directly 😊

Limitations in Stripe Billing & Subscriptions

It is not possible to use a gift card over more than one billing cycle. When a Coupon is applied to a Subscription, it gets fully used irrespective of the Coupons value.

For example: if you had a $100 gift card (aka a Stripe Coupon) and applied that to a Subscription that was billed monthly at $20 per month. The first month would be charged at $0, and the next month onwards would be billed at $20, and the gift card gets fully redeemed. 

As a consequence, it is usually more appropriate to not sync gift cards as Stripe Coupons and instead write a component in your app that looks up the gift card balance via the Gift Up! API and you then add an equivalent credit balance to the Stripe Customer balance via Stripe's API, then deduct the balance off the gift card via the Gift Up! API. 

Connect Gift Up! to your Stripe account

Head over to Integrations in the Gift Up! dashboard and locate the Stripe Checkout & Billing card. 

1) Click connect and you'll be shown a form where you can enter your API keys.

2) Login to your Stripe account and head over to Developers > API keys in your Stripe dashboard and create a new Secret Key. We recommend giving the new Secret Key a name like "Gift Up!" so you know who is using it in the future.

3) Copy & paste the newly created "Secret key" into Gift Up! and click "Connect". Do not copy a secret key that contains a "..." in the middle of it, e.g. "sk_live_...p006", as this is a redacted key and cannot be used. You must create a new Secret Key in order to view the full Secret Key. 

4) Click Connect, and we'll test to ensure the keys you've entered are working. If they are, you're all good to go!

How Gift Up! works with your Stripe account for checkout & billing

When you sell a gift card in your Gift Up! checkout we will automatically create a coupon matching the gift card balance in and a promotional code for that coupon that matches the 5 character alpha-numeric code that we create.

A note on the format for gift card codes

Gift Up! lets you change the format of your gift card codes, however Stripe do not support such a wide array of characters as Gift Up! You'll need to keep this in mind when changing the format of your gift card codes. Stripe only supports the following characters: 0-9, a-z, A-Z.
Any gift cards that have codes with characters that Stripe doesn't support, won't be synced.

The gift recipient (the only person who knows that code) can then come to your online store (using Stripe Checkout), and place an order, using this discount code against any of the items you sell.

We fully manage the sync between Stripe and Gift Up! (with Gift Up! being the master record of balance), meaning if you reduce the balance in Gift Up! we'll reflect that in Stripe shortly after (usually within a couple of seconds) and if an order is placed using the gift card (actually a discount coupon) we'll redeem the gift card in Gift Up! shortly after. It's all handled for you, automatically. 

Orders placed for more than the gift card value

If an order is placed for more than the value of the gift card, then the customer will need to pay the balance as normal during the checkout. 

$70 gift card, $100 order
$70 gift card balance applied as a discount
$30 balance to pay during checkout
$70 redeemed against the gift card, leaving a $0 balance

Orders placed for less than the gift card value

⚠ Stripe Checkout does not support this kind of transaction. This is a serious limitation of working with Stripe coupons. Stripe Checkout must have a balance to be paid. We are hoping that Stripe will fix this in the near future, but it is out of our hands.

Where do customers enter the gift card during the Stripe Checkout process?

They need to enter the gift card code we issue in the "Add promotion code" field on the payment screen:

Promotion codes not showing on your Stripe Checkout?

It would appear that Stripe do not support promotion codes for their client-side only checkout, and you must use their server-side session creation.
When creating a session using this API: Create a Session, you must pass in the property allow_promotion_codes=true as specified in the documentation
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