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We get asked frequently if we can work with a large variety of other platforms. Here's a list of answers for various common platforms and use cases:

Note to platforms

If you work for a platform listed below (or otherwise) and would like to integrate with Gift Up please do get in touch. We'd love to work together for the benefit of our mutual customers 👩🏽🤝🧑🏻

Acuity Scheduling

We don't yet support Acuity and are seeking launch partners who wish to use Gift Up & Acuity. It is technically possible for Gift Up to integrate with Acuity, and we fully understand the work to do so. You will need to have a subscription to Acuity's Powerhouse plan in order to have access to their API (which we'll need). If you are happy to be a lunch partner, please get in touch, otherwise, we  recommend following this guide: How to redeem gift cards in an unsupported system


In Calendly, you can collect payments from invitees, and it's a common request to ask us if our gift cards can be redeemed in Calendly, as a form of payment of some sorts. The short answer is no, it's not possible. Usually we'd recommend utilizing a discount coupon functionality in Calendly, but it's not available from them and not high on their priority list at the present time. 

Calendly does not have an API that allow us to sync gift cards into their platform, or any other way to achieve this at the present time. However, it is possible to ask for a gift card code via Calendly's Invite Questions. Of course, if you collect payments from invitees, it's not going to change the price, but at least you can accept a gift card code during a booking in advance.

GoDaddy's e-commerce and appointments

As an official GoDaddy partner we have upcoming support that will enable your customers to redeem Gift Up issued gift cards in your shopping cart and appointment scheduler inside GoDaddy (yay!). Keep an eye out for it. (We're waiting on GoDaddy's tech team to do the integration with Gift Up And the timeframe is entirely outside of our control 😢)

In the meantime, this is our go-to guide: How to redeem gift cards in an unsupported system.


iZettle have a great in-store slim POS style system, but unfortunately there's no technical way to have our gift cards seamlessly integrated with the platform like we do with other POS systems (like Vend, for example). So, we recommend you use our app to validate and redeem gift cards and deduct the redeemed amount from the sale in iZettle before you process payment as normal. 


We are considering an update to Gift Up that works with Kajabi and allows a customer to redeem their gift cards and automatically get access to a course in your Kajabi inventory that you specify in advance. If you would like to be a beta tester, please get in touch with us. 

Lightspeed Retail/Restaurant

While we support Lightspeed eCom, and Lightspeed Retail (X-Series), we are unable to support other versions of Lightspeed Retail or Restaurant at the current time due to technical limitations in the Lightspeed infrastructure and the risk it would pose to your finances if we were to force an integration. At the moment we recommend using our redeem app to redeem gift cards in person.


Memberstack is a great platform for managing payments for access to your web app's content. They even integrate with Stripe, like ourselves. However, even though you can sync our gift cards into your Stripe account as Discount Coupons that can be applied to subscriptions and Checkout sessions, it's not possible for Memberstack to see those Gift Up created Stripe Discount Coupons because of this:

As a result, we recommend provisioning a discount coupon manually in Memberstack and generally following this guide: How to redeem gift cards in an unsupported system.

Revel POS

We are unable to directly integrate with Revel POS, despite other (expensive) gift card platforms having access, as "Unfortunately, our gift card APIs are not publicly available for third-party consumption". At the moment we recommend using our redeem app to redeem gift cards in person.


Unfortunately, whist Showclix has an API open to third-party apps like ours, it does not have the capability to create discount coupons or gift cards via their API. This means that you have to batch create a bulk load of discount coupons in Showclix by hand and give those codes to Gift Up as per this Guide: How to redeem gift cards in an unsupported system. You can also reach out to Client Support at, and they can mass generate coupon codes for you. 

Squarespace e-commerce

Squarespace simply have no way for us to access the shopping cart to apply a discount or a gift card to it. It's a very closed system, so third-party developers & systems like Gift Up cannot automatically work with their cart system, but we do have a way to get Gift Up and Squarespace e-commerce to work together

They do offer their own gift card solution available on their most expensive Commerce Advanced plan, but their gift cards can only be used online, in their own checkout system, not-in-person, whereas with Gift Up we support in-store redemption through our app. They are also limited in terms of capability compared to what we offer. 


Despite having a lacklustre gift vouchers system of their own, SumUp refuse to work with Gift Up to allow SumUp customers to utilize their existing SumUp payment account inside their Gift Up checkout, or to allow Gift Up issued gift cards to be redeemable in SumUp terminals. 

SumUp's official response is this: "However, at the current stage, SumUp cannot support your business model (integration of gift vouchers). This action has been taken in accordance with article 13 of our Terms and Conditions (" If you read article 13 in that link, it makes no sense, so we can only surmise that it is a vendor lock in strategy being employed on their behalf, i.e. because they monetise Gift Vouchers, they are unwilling to allow you the choice to use a beter gift card platform instead. 

We recommend all Gift Up customers who have a SumUp account who want to use Gift Up to create a payment account with an alternative company, like Stripe or Square, and use that in your Gift Up checkout. Seemingly every other payment platform allows gift cards to be sold just fine. 

Wix's e-commerce, restaurant & bookings

Wix is a closed platform. They simply have no way for us to access the shopping cart to apply a discount or a gift card to it. In fact, Wix has rejected our app request 3 times, so we've given up. We think we have a great app that would be super useful for Wix customers, and it's a shame they will not let us have access to their APIs or partner with us. So, whilst we cannot have an  automatic integration with Wix, but we do have a way to get Gift Up and Wix to work together: Guide: How to redeem gift cards in an unsupported system.

UPDATE: As of 2020, Wix has also finally retired their own Gift Card app as it was really poorly rated by their customers. We have had a conversation with Wix in Q3 2020 with some initial positivity, but instead they have decided to revisit a possible working relationship with Gift Up in 2021. We hope to be able to offer Gift Up to Wix customers in an integrated way, just like we have done with GoDaddy's excellent Websites + Marketing builder, where you can sign up for Gift Up inside of GoDaddy's platform, and soon you'll be able to accept gift cards in their bookings and cart system too. 

Update as of 2023: Wix now has a feature rich API, and we are building out a way to have our gift cards redeemable in their ecommerce & booking platforms. 

Webflow e-commerce

As it stands, Webflow's API does not allow for our gift cards to be synced into their platform, so it's not possible to have a fully automated integration with them. So, we recommend generally following this guide: How to redeem gift cards in an unsupported system.

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