Working with locations

If you have multiple users, multiple locations, and you wish to report on in-store sales/usage per location, then you can create some locations and add your users to them which will enable your in-store sales and in-store redemptions to specify a location where that sale/redemption is happening.

Adding a location

Head over to and click the "Add location" button and fill out the form: 

You'll need to do this for every location you have (there's no point in only having a single location specified, it only slows down the process of redeeming for you!). So you'll end up with a list of  locations like this with your users appropriately allocated to each location in a way that most makes sense to your business:

Specifying a location when selling a gift card in-store

When you sell a gift card in-store, you will be asked to specify a location if you, as a user, are in any locations:

Specifying a location when redeeming a gift card in-store

When redeeming a gift card using our app, you will be asked to specify a location if you, as a user, are in any locations:

Reporting on location

The main reason to add locations and assign your users to them is so that you can report on in-store sales & redemptions per location. When you have locations in your account, you'll start to see your reports expand to also show you the location the event happened at (as well as the usual "who"):

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